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    Bad Fatal accident on South 71

    South 71 will be closed for many hours at SR 126 (Ronald Reagan Hwy).

    From what we got the Mustang was being chased by Ohio State Patrol when the mustang struck the vehicle here that is in flames. So far we have not confirmed if anyone exited the flaming vehicle. The mustang driver appeared fatal as well. They laid him on the ground and worked on him a while. More to come as I get info.

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    Almost all of the comments under this article express the opinion that kids discarded by the corporations are not only expected to keep their mouths shut and make themselves invisible to those who have been granted seats in the lifeboat, but they are also obligated to care about the comfort and facilitate the routines of people who do not care if they live or die.
    Guess what.
    Not caring what becomes of someone is a two-way street.
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    They have nothing to give you.

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    OMG that made ME gag. Very nasty. Sorry.
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    I wasn't invited.
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    Angry Why!?

    Why physically chase people and endanger the public?! With radios, cameras, cellular phone use triangulation and helicopters, you would think that anyone can be tracked, or located safely by the autorities.. WTF?
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    wow. saw on wcpo. they say two people dead. Sucks.
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    Thats awful! I'd have to agree...chasing is usually more dangerous than the crime they're being chased for anyway.

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    Wow. RIP
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    yeah, that is seriously bad news. so sorry for the bystander that got clipped and their family. i bet they woke up this morning thinking today was going to be like any other day. that's sad as hell.
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    Not fair...

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    Terrible. R.I.P. to the innocent and the speeder. There are many reports of this "car" the mustang flying around Cincinnati on the highways in the last couple of days. Well it finally happened. So sad!!!!!!!!!

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