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    I highly recommend it. Just for the upping of the skill level. Jeff and his crew put on an A plus track event. The Russian guy is wound a little tight but you get used to him. Lol. Learning to make maneuver comfortably at speed, the reaction become almost effortless at street speed. Anything that can build confidence in motorcycling is just what is need and you can never have too much.
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    Almost all of the comments under this article express the opinion that kids discarded by the corporations are not only expected to keep their mouths shut and make themselves invisible to those who have been granted seats in the lifeboat, but they are also obligated to care about the comfort and facilitate the routines of people who do not care if they live or die.
    Guess what.
    Not caring what becomes of someone is a two-way street.
    You have nothing to give them?
    They have nothing to give you.

    -Bill Appledorf of British Columbia Canada
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    Can I borrow a bike ??

    HEhehehehe ???
    Fear knocked on the door and faith answered , but noone was there !

    Same Shift , Different Gear !

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    Going to Jennings next weekend.
    Usually race Roabling Road. If I miss it, I'll do MCRA Putnam.
    I plan to be at all events, but BFR.
    Excited about Road America!
    I will usually do all Mid-O weekend events.
    Will most likely do NCM when Track Day Winner is there.
    Going to try to do race Vintage Weekend at Mid O followed by Pit Race Track if possible.
    Want to go to a new track this year.
    Ride within your limits. Last one riding wins!
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    I'll be at most MTD track days... planning on racing Pitt, Mid-O and hopefully Barber for GNF.

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