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    My latest Jeep Projects

    So for the last several weeks I've had the Jeep apart working on some things (other things kept popping up). Originally when I built my roll cage I didn't have the doors on. The doors have always touched the bars that run between A and B pillars and they actually hold the doors out a bit. So I've wanted to clearance these just a bit. The solution was to cut some of the tube out and weld some 1/4" flat plate in. While not ideal, the 1/4" plate is thicker, and should be enough to make up for what I lost in the tube:

    ^Moving the Jeep without seats sucks by the way. The roll cage is very uncomfortable to sit on.

    My driver side door striker had completely failed. It cracked in several places, and was missing one rivet. Turns out only Kentrol makes ones that matched the dimensions of my factory 95 parts. The first ones I ordered I had to return (Good thing Quadratec has great customer service!).

    The other project was upgrade the sound system in my Jeep. It was a bit lacking, especially with the top off at highway speeds. Even with a new gasket between the windshield frame and tub, I still have some water get behind the dash somewhere, I made a better water shield for the my new radio after it was clear my marine enclosure that I ordered wasn't going to fit. It's just to keep water from being dripped on top of the radio.

    Really I only replaced the radio in the Jeep to upgrade to one that had bluetooth. First world problems right?

    I ordered a Tuffy Security speaker box to add two more speakers, as all I had were the 4x6s in the dash. This at least gives me another set of 5.25s.

    The speakers I'm using though had to be spaced away from the front some, which also meant they no longer fit in the box. So I did have to cut the back of the box so they would clear.

    Finally to help give everything some extra power I picked up a amplifier. It's a Pioneer unit as well, 4x45 watts RMS. This is also why even the dash speakers had to be changed, as my Sony 4x6s wouldn't handle the 45 watts RMS. I've mounted it under the dash as well, as it's one of the micro units.

    It was clear it would need a little more support though being mounted upside down, so I made a bracket out of aluminum to help support it.

    The bracket is in the center and should help prevent the tiny end brackets from failing over time.

    Overall it's a huge step over what the stereo was. It easily goes uncomfortably loud now, so I should have no problems hearing it without the top and doors now.

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    Dude that is serious. Really digging the security box.
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    Well this weekend I put some finishing touches on these projects. I made some small covers to cover the holes I cut in the back of the speaker box. Primarily just to keep some debris out of them.

    The driver side floor heater drop also dropped off right behind the box as well, so I made a small extension so it now ends roughly at the box. This should prevent heating the backside of the box (and radio), and directs heat towards the drivers feet.

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    Very nice!

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