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Thread: Contour Owners

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    Contour Owners

    I know there are a few others who have Contours here. I came across this:

    ContourRoam Upgrade

    You can load the ContourRoam2 firmware on the ContourRoam cameras and unlock all (well most of) the Roam2 options. It also makes the Roam record in MP4 formats rather than the MOV formats. I just got done doing this to mine and can confirm it works. Mine had the 1.11 firmware on it mentioned in the thread there, and I did NOT downgrade to 1.01 (It worked fine going straight to the Roam2 firmware).

    You will need to format the SD card after the update. It will not work properly after you do the upgrade. So backup your data.

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    I've been upgraded to a fly3604k cam since my contour1080HD. I miss that cam. Awesome for the update!

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    I still have 3 working roams
    1990 FZR 1000
    1990 FZR 600
    2004 YZFR1

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