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Thread: Real talk.....

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    It seems we all are getting older. Life, kids, work takes up more time. From what I have seen there is the same love between the group, just not as large a crowds getting together at the same time. I know John Mcglone tries to get the Sunday Church rides together on the regular, as well as the typical city pimping rides anymore. Check him on the Facebook group.

    I miss the Wednesday night bike nights and rides, and the weekend church rides. Life is a bitch anymore!

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    Yeah, what happened to Wednesday nights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lacks_tact View Post
    Yeah, what happened to Wednesday nights?
    It went away.

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    Same thing is happening in Louisville @ LouisvilleSportBike.
    I see riders that could benefit from the site daily.
    Riding around like a squid without any gear.
    I crashed a dirt bike a few weeks ago on pavement in a low speed wreck & am still healing up from the little road rash that I had. I couldn't imagine going down on the R1 without gear, fuck.
    IDK folks, are we going extinct?

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    Flat Earth? Real talk right B.C.?
    No need to crash when u can always go faster but when in doubt low side!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MONGER View Post
    Flat Earth? Real talk right B.C.?

    "Black and Yellow"

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    No fake talk here

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    Let the haters, hate... already know.

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    I'm not driving I'm traveling. Flat earthers are also sovereign citizens ��
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    ... if you aren't living on the edge your'e taking up too much room ...

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