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Thread: Real talk.....

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    Real talk.....

    Since there has been plenty of conversation about the current state of the ASSFAULTJUNKIES in recent and not very distant past times. I figured I'd throw a thread out there to gather some opinions or perspectives if you will, of the past, current, and the future of the ASSFAULJUNKIES as a group.

    For me?. This conversation needed to happen after I attended the Look Twice Cincy Awareness ride and after event. I saw maybe 5-7 (Sorry if there were more....) what I could say were ASSFAULTJUNKIES. I felt some kind of way because. Alyshia and Look Twice have done so much for junkies in our times of tragedies. I know that our situation with LC would have gone way worse if it were not for them. And they were there when little Sahwn passed and his family needed help. A fellow junkie. Countless man hours, money, and products donated for our causes without question. And we showed our love how........? We don't even have an active head figure to help organize/deligate us or keep the vision of the group alive anymore. We used to party. We used to be there for one another. We used to help mold new riders and show them how to gear up and be safe. We used to not judge and welcome anyone who was not a dick squeezer into the "family".... Now...?

    That is just one example of how unraveled we have become. Lets talk about. Be honest. Try not to fight about and maybe, just maybe, if any of you want. We can make AJF, as a group, great again....
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    Almost all of the comments under this article express the opinion that kids discarded by the corporations are not only expected to keep their mouths shut and make themselves invisible to those who have been granted seats in the lifeboat, but they are also obligated to care about the comfort and facilitate the routines of people who do not care if they live or die.
    Guess what.
    Not caring what becomes of someone is a two-way street.
    You have nothing to give them?
    They have nothing to give you.

    -Bill Appledorf of British Columbia Canada
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    I wasn't active when the junkies were a tight knit group, but I am ALWAYS down to party lol

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    Keep on keepin on.

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    Let the haters, hate... already know.

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    U said it BC. I concur 100%. Ive been thinking about that a lot the past year or so.

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    lets start with junkies track day in midO total takeover , and then we go from there, since there is no AMA at mid o there is no party:/ , indy motogp took some party away
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    Changed when folks quit riding. I practically have to beg folks to ride on Sunday's anymore. Last year I rod by myself on numerous occasions.
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    Pres needs to give someone access to approve people when they try to join.
    And someone needs to be active in organizing events.
    Even if it is only bike night.

    Personally I travel too many days for it to be me.
    I hate being an adult.
    Ride within your limits. Last one riding wins!
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    Well said.

    I want to see AFJ back up and kicking ass again! We just need to get together and plan out some rides, parties, and general awesome stuff!

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    What I like is we are all still here/there. We went thru some crazy changes and events. My life changes has made me focus on the business and I'm still all bikes daily. I used to put in mass time to making events and we all spent back road time together. We are looked up to and are like a legend lol. I have no time to plan like I used too and I also as u know dont have the urge to ride nor do I have any Sundays like the past. I really think that the facebook took all the current and new generation riders and they dont forum. Speaking of that the forum gets no member requests. Its broken or something. I cant fix it myself and i have no idea of the passwords or anything anymore. If we want to grow again we need people at shellway every sunday who want to learn the craft of motorcycling not just be the new age rider.
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    Have there been season starting parties the past two years? I feel like I have missed those if there were.

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