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Thread: dirtbike size?

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    dirtbike size?

    my 12yr old son just sold his ATV and wants to go with 2 wheels. He is just shy of 5' and weighs in around 90 pounds. He has no experience using a clutch. however he is a fast learner. Any recommendations on what to get? Not looking to do moto's, mainly trail and around the neighborhood lol.

    Im thinking a 4 stroke due to powerband and not mixing oil and gas...

    Any help would be appriciated.
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    Two fiddy. Small enough for now and enough balls for later.
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    A full size frame may be a little tough at current age/size.

    A crf150rb (big wheel) might be the best option right away. Those bikes hold their values for when you want to trade up to a full size frame.

    I'm a very big advocate of 2 stroke, so that was really hard for me to suggest.

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    Yea don't want something he will outgrow in a year but also don't want something so big that it could "scare" him into not wanting to ride it. This seems to be a popular subject at this age from what I've read.
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    I agree.. Crf150 would be great

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    I'd say 150

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    My only advice is by something that has the big wheels! I was about 13-14 when I finally got onto A 21" front wheel and I was soooooooo happy! Everything is easier/smoother with bigger wheels.

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    Big wheel 150...thanks much fellas.
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    I have a CRF150rb and IMO this is not a beginner bike... not at all. Now, the CRF150f yes, and that would be perfect for trails. I'd look into that if I were you. There is also the CRF230f as well as the TTR230 (which I also have one; been teaching my 15yo nephew how to ride) but those are a few inches higher and weigh a bit more than they need, but they still work. Good luck!
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    What about a xr100? Or is that to small?
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