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    Nicky Hayden 2014?

    This will be interesting to follow. Love the guy, hope he does well wherever.


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    I've heard rumors of world superbike ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fzrkentucky View Post
    Dress for the crash....not the ride.
    Welcome we love you, Get on with riding or get on with Dieing

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Hayden in FIM at all, but whether he's in GP or FIM I'd rather see him on a different bike.

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    5,929 are such a fucking faggot. You really are a cock fed faggot. <<<<<<<<<< anyone who rides a Ducati!
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    No way this ride isnt for crutchlow, which is depressing because I think hes capable of winning a race on a tech 3 yamaha. When he gets on the duc, hell suffer the same fate as rossi, hayden and spies and flounder near the bottom of the top ten.

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    i would love to see hayden in WSBK. there is a rumor of BMW picking him up. but who knows, WSBK needs some American Terror again. Hasnt been the same since Ben went to GP

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    Sucks to hear about Nicky losing his ride. Crutchlow is deserving of a factory ride and looking at the current 6 factory riders I knew Nicky would be the odd man out. I love Nicky but I saw this coming. I hope to see Nicky race for many more years. I think he could be very competitive in WSB. I don't see him getting a ride quick enough that he would want to stay in MotoGP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beeroshima View Post
    When he gets on the duc, hell suffer the same fate as.......spies.
    When has overrated BS been on a duc? The fucker has been injured all year (or so he claims). He has done what, maybe one or two races on the duc (not enough to judge the bike by), and he sucked on the factory Yamaha the last couple years.

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    Nicky is a winner, he can't do that on a ducati. So I'm sure he isn't totally upset he's leaving. Im sure politics are huge and also wanting to sign the young guy , but hayden is a bad ass mo fo and can still win

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    the thing with hayden is he is not only a great racer. But the hardest working racer out there. When he signs with a ride he gives them everything he can. from racing to testing. any team out there should be begging for him to race for them. it has been said over and over that he works harder then anyone out there.

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